Debt freedom is just the beginning. Mannnnn someone needed to tell us this from the jump! We were banking on becoming debt free soooooo bad, it was all we could think about while on the journey …. let’s just finish the race ….. let’s just finish the race …. let’s just finish the race! 

The race ended and we felt financially comfortable; but here’s the thing, don’t mistake comfortability with security. Our expenses were now manageable but we were still vulnerable. Our emergency fund needed work, 😩 back to the starting block we went 🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏾‍♀️.

Here we are now, consumer debt free (comfortability), a 6 month emergency fund (security), and we are still running this damn race 😅. Investing, retirement savings, and generational wealth (prosperity) are our new targets 🎯

This post is by no means a complaint but more so a heads up to those who are actively pursuing debt freedom / financial freedom. It is only the beginning! On the bright side, it is a rewarding ride. Buckle up and enjoy the positive changes.

1 Year Debt Free Recap – Lesson #1

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