Debt free lesson #2 – Staying Debt Free is a journey in itself ….

Completing such a challenging goal – attaining debt freedom is a big deal. We can say that our confidence and egos were boosted. We felt FREE and ready to tackle all the things that had been sacrificed to get us here; such as house updates, taking trips etc.

Here lies the problem with these big plans, debt freedom DOES NOT automatically translate to riches or wealth. Yes, we freed up some funds since we were no longer making debt payments, but the majority of that money went towards funding our future goals. There was no large sums of money available for these projects / plans. This is when the temptation devil reared its head and said “just get a small loan, you’ll quickly repay it”. He (the 😈) was always lingering around in our early debt free days. Not to mention we also received four pre approved loan offers in the mail 😒.

Luckily, we never folded and have remained debt free (we’ll share some of the methods we used in a future post).

If you have struggled with temptation or you are currently experiencing it, know that you are not abnormal or alone. Debt is an addiction for many. It is very hard to shake the idea of not having to depend on debt to survive.

Stand firm, we’ll continue to figure this out as we go!

1 Year Debt Free Recap – Lesson #2

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