Debt Free Lesson #3 – Mindset is the IGNITION, consistency is the GAS, extra income is the NOS …..

Sharing our ambition to become debt free with close friends, family and strangers (Debt Free Caribbean) sparked a variety of questions and comments. Some didn’t understand the journey, others believed we were crazy, but the one which stuck out the most was “is it fair to make others think debt freedom is possible for them when you guys have other income and many people don’t?”. This bothered me for a while 🤔, “were we being naive to assume that hard work and sacrifice could lead to debt freedom / financial comfort for others?” Nevertheless, we continued to share the good and the bad as we went along.

Fast forward to March 2020 …. Covid was here, the entertainment industry crashed and there we were, two regular jobs, 4 kids and 20 big goals to attempt throughout the year with zero other income 😨. To be honest I was panicking, the budget numbers were looking slim and our main goal for the year – to fund 50% of our emergency fund was looking impossible. 

An emergency fund was the head thing we needed at that time given all the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic. It was time to buckle down and figure ish out. We went back to our basic ‘bare bones’ budget, chose to see the brighter side of the negatives – less jobs also meant less gas, kids at home driving us crazy meant no nursery fees. Our budget was rigid! Drastic expense cuts partnered with lots of prayer for guidance allowed us to save 100% of our emergency fund last year.

The lessons learned:
Mindset and consistency keep you going even when your NOS runs out.
When God gives you the VISION, he sends ProVISION.
Other income can propel your journey but it doesn’t define your outcome.

1 Year Debt Free Recap – Lesson #3

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