It’s our 1 year debt free anniversary! 

In Jan-2020 we made our final consumer debt payment. This was a big deal for us because we had spent the last year feverishly working to clear our $67,000 in consumer debt.  Our original date was forecasted to be sometime between February and March 2020. On January 22nd, we went off to work and dropped the kids to school as normal. Payday was coming so I decided to work on our February budget during my lunch time. I plugged the numbers, looked at our savings and realized that we had enough money scattered around our accounts to clear our final debt 🤑

I immediately called Dwayne to explain how it could work, he gave the all clear and together, we rushed to our financial institution during our lunch hour and made the payment. That’s how it ended, sooooooo anticlimactic 😄 no hugs, no picture taking, no confetti, no whole shabang like we envisioned … just a ‘we did it’ handshake 🤝🏾  on a regular random work day lol.

After work we collected the kids and told them. This was when the excitement set in, they were screaming and we had a whole celebration in the car. Of course we ended the day with $1 wings (those who followed from the beginning would understand 😄😄)

We will share what a year of debt freedom was like and the strategies we took to stay out of debt.  Keep reading our blog!

1 Year Debt Free Recap

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