In 2020, our goals were beginner friendly, and focused heavily on casting a sturdy financial foundation. We made sure to:
-find suitable institutions to save and invest
-save a 6 month emergency fund
-determine whose salary covers what
-ensure that annual expenses were accounted for and covered. 

For 2021, purpose and productivity are the key drivers for our goals. Our purpose is to attain financial independence and to build generational wealth. Productivity means it’s time to start building a structure on the foundation we built during 2020. 

Building this structure requires:
TERMITE / PEST TREATMENTS 😂 – put measures in place to get rid of our largest monthly expense – our mortgage

STACKING BRICKS – investing / saving 10% of our income (we mentioned this in a previous post but it never came to fruition 🤥)

A CONTINGENCY PLAN – dabble in real estate investing as back up income 

HURRICANE STRAPS – increase our emergency fund to 9 months

FINISHING TOUCHES / DECOR – improve family stability by implementing routines, organization and structure into our daily lives.🔌@debtfreecaribbean_lifestyle

If you are up for it, take some time to think of a few goals you would like to accomplish throughout 2021 and WRITE THEM DOWN (this is very important).

PS: your goals should be SMART-
S – Specific: Identify exactly what you want to achieve. 
do better financially ❌
clear my credit card ✅

M – Measurable: You should be able to track the success of your goal. 
save ❌
save at least $2,000 ✅

A – Achievable: Is this goal even possible?
end world poverty ❌
start a ‘feed the homeless’ program ✅

R – Realistic: Can I realistically achieve this? 
twelve ‘no spend’ months ❌
ten ‘no spend’ days each month ✅

T – Timely: When will it be accomplished?
to be debt free by ../../.. ✅

10 Financial Goals in 2021

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