Successful businesses use tools and best practices to achieve their goals.These practices are basically what we have put in place to be successful while on our debt free journey.


A budget provides a detailed view of assets, realistic revenue expectations and how those balance against the companies expected income. All successful businesses prepare a budget at the beginning of their financial year – we write a budget at the beginning of each pay cycle, this tell us where our money should go and keeps us in check about what we can and cannot afford.

An ACTION plan:

Writing a budget is an important step but for it to be effective, we must take action and hold ourselves accountable. Companies create strategies and make plans to execute in order to make that vision a reality – we have found ways to execute our debt free plan, such as meal planning, no spend challenges, cutting down expenses, increasing income and the list goes on. It cannot work if you do not ….. 🥁 (drum roll) work on it!!!! 😏🤦🏾‍♀️


There is a department or person tasked with keeping track of the money coming in and out. Every cent has a place and is accounted for – we reconcile daily (after completing transactions). When you count your cash or check your bank account, it should reflect the available balance on your budget. (This step is another super important one)


Targets are filtered through the organization by department to ensure that everyone is clear on the company’s overall objectives. Check points are put in place, such as setting performance reviews and weekly reports to ensure that you are on target to met that end goal – you have probably seen us share our goals on the 1st of each month. They keep us on track and put us in line to reach our overall goal (to be debt free by December 2019)

Our final comparison is the end result: PROFIT. No one starts a business with the intent to fail and we do not intend to. If you work hard and stick to it, this is inevitable. We are seeing the fruits of our labour already. Last year alone, we paid the equivalent of someone’s salary to debt. Profit for us is financial freedom.

Run your finances like a successful business, sit back and watch greatness happen.

Run your finances like a successful business

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