If you’ve been observant, you’ll notice our response to questions surrounding investing has been nonexistent. Investing in it’s true sense is still very new to us.


In order to get a better understanding of this ‘new to us’ venture, we’ve decided to start at the beginning.

-What is an investment?
-What is an investment portfolio?
-What does risk tolerance mean?
-How do you build an investment portfolio?

What is an investment? 
The investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.

What is an investment portfolio?
An investment portfolio can be defined as a collection of financial assets and investment tools held by an individual – for example stocks, bonds and cash equivalents.

What does risk tolerance mean?
Your risk tolerance is your ability to accept investment losses in exchange for the possibility of earning higher investment returns; i.e. how much money are you comfortable losing? 

How do you build an investment portfolio?
📈Know your risk tolerance – ours is low ….. VERY LOW! 😅

📈Invest in things that you understand. 

📈Choose options that are within your tolerance level. As previously mentioned, our risk tolerance is low so it’s highly unlikely that our portfolio would include individual stock , cryptocurrencies and such like. 

📈Decide the purpose for each investment. This allowed us to choose the right investment vehicles.
For us:
●our RRSPs and mutual funds are our long term options for retirement. 
●our investment savings account is our safe haven, should all go haywire.
● our businesses are our controllable option. The return on this investment is based on our ability to advertise and produce.
●lastly, our future rental properties will be our option for consistent (🤞🏾) monthly returns.

Once we completed all of the initial groundwork; i.e. got our finances in order, saved our emergency fund etc., the next step was to start. January was our official start date. The experience has been pleasant thus far. We have committed to investing 10% of our income. As we get more comfortable and confident, we will gradually increase to 30% of our income. If you are looking for more advanced info on investing, I recommend checking out @mermaidfit246 and @islanderbecomingfinancialsavvy. They have some skin in the game and share their investing experience and knowledge on their pages.
That’s it for now!

Building An Investment Portfolio

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