Everyone may not be comfortable with the idea of using cash in a debit or credit card era but this method keeps us in check. We have never been good with using cards, whether it be debit or credit, we tend to swipe like crazy and over spend on things just becauseā€¦……

We use cash envelopes for our variable expenses which are not depleted in one go such as gas, supermarket, kids lessons, pocket money etc. If our budget for gas is $200 a month and we use fifty dollars weekly, our gas cash envelope would have (4) $50 bills. Whenever it is time to put in gas we only take the $50 budgeted with us. Our cash breakdown sheet ensures we have the right denominations to stuff our envelope.

This is the same for the supermarket. After meal planning, we only take the list and the money for that trip. If we decide to over do it in the supermarket, we eat some humble pie putting back junk at the cashier to reduce the bill.

Cash Envelopes System

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