It’s that time of year in Barbados where we enjoy Barbadian music, arts, food, culture and of course it all ends with grand Kadooment Day.  When you add up the cost for event tickets, alcohol, taxis/gas and 3am chefette, crop over can put a serious dent in your bank account if you’re not careful. Here are some tips I use to cut cost during the season:

Budget : We can’t stop saying this word enough. Before buying a ticket, new shoes, clothes etc I need to understand if I can even afford it during this period. Add a crop over line into your budget and set a limit for these cost.

Free  Events: There are some great free events if you keep an eye out. Some of them are packed with artists and great entertainment. Be sure to follow accounts like @Bazodeemag, @thencfbarbados, @thebtmi and @barbadoscropoverhub to stay updated.

Research your events : Artists will appear at multiple events throughout the season, you can choose events that give you the biggest Bang for your buck. I.e.  How many artists will be on the card. Illuminate and Dis is Rick are good examples of events with average cost but packed with artists.

Pooling: Traveling as a group is another way, not only to save but to keeping each other safe. The group can put together funds for event expenses and carpool to the event venue.  Don’t forget to assign a designated driver for the night.

Free tickets : Stay locked to the radio and IG pages of your favorite events. You can be sure that you are a WhatsApp, like or comment away from winning a couple free tickets.

Eat before you party : Everything during the crop over season cost more. A $2.75 coke now cost $5 or a $8 burger now cost $15. So it only make sense to eat properly before you head out. Let’s be honest! The lines are ridiculously long so who wants to send 4 hours trying to get drinks or food anyway. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the event?

Crop Over on a Budget
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