Delaying gratification is HARD, especially when the purchase is necessary …

Over the past few months we’ve been window shopping for 2 major appliances because like everything else in our home, they’ve slowly been going bum πŸ˜’. Our search was successful and we just needed to start the financial planning process (after all, cash is our love language πŸ₯°) The plan was finalized – we would incorporate these purchases into our ‘home renovations sinking fund’. 

In late January we accumulated enough money to purchase 1 item but it was sold out. We reached out to the company and the rep couldn’t say if/when the appliances would be restocked. Annoying yes, but we quickly rerouted that money to our next project – building a prepper pantry + storage. 

Fast forward to last Saturday. I did my usual weekly stalk of the company’s website and 1 appliance is back in stock!!!! *yesssssssss πŸ₯³* … but … *noooooooo 😫* We are deep into our current renovation and our accumulated renovation fund isn’t enough to cover our current project plus this purchase.

Three options were on the table: 
1. The obvious – wait until we top-up the fund on payday at month end, whilst crossing our fingers that it doesn’t sell out again. 🌟

2. The iffy – Tap into our emergency fund now and return the money on payday. 🌟🌟🌟

3. The risky – use the money we have for our current project and hope that our workman plays the fool (like he usually does). This would buy us some time before we have to pay him. 🌟

The stars represent our inclination ranking and as you can see, using the emergency fund was leading the pack but we can’t seem to bring ourselves to take from it.

The final decision:
We’ve decided to go with option 3.Β Option 2 will be deployed if our workman is finished before month end.

Having these discussions over this past week is proof of our progress to date. The old Dwayne and Kelly would’ve purchased our new appliance the same day we noticed it became available and let ‘Ron deal with Ron’.

QOTD: What would you have done in this situation?

Delaying Gratification is HARD

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