At the beginning of the year we created our 10 goals for 2021. Some of these targets included – save/invest 10% of our net income, keep expenses below 70% of our gross income and pay at least $12,000 to our mortgage principal by year end. . 

At that time we believed $12,000 would be achievable if we put in work. Fast forward 2 months into the year and it’s clear this target was understated. It would be easy to leave it as is and claim success at year end, when in fact, our work was minimal; however, we did the right thing and held an impromptu meeting to review and tweak some of our goals to fall in line with our current financial situation.

The updated goal – pay at least $20,000 to principal (stretch goal being $25,000 but #nopressure). 

I also changed goal #9 from ‘saving all our dollars’ to ‘increasing our emergency fund to 9 months’ because 
1) increasing our e. fund was originally supposed to be a goal but on review, I noticed it was overlooked. 
2) we’ve chosen to go cashless in these COVIDious times, so there will be no dollars to save.
It was a win win, we were able to get rid of one and add one that was missed.

Goals should be reviewed, tweaked and reevaluated as needed. Making these changes will ensure that we aren’t just writing statements but we are putting in the work and holding ourselves accountable. 

That’s it for now!

Don’t play it too safe

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