Barbados April 2018: – Gas increased to $3.82 per liter. This is the highest jump since the introduction of gas tax back in July 2018. What better time to share some tips on how we save on gas.

Carpool – Make a plan with friends and family in your area to carpool. This is a win win for everyone and not only reduces gas but it’s a great way to communicate and get to know each other better

Leave home early – Leaving home early means that you are not rushing, which leads to aggressive driving and faster fuel consumption. I can tell you that my wife gets 2 days extra from a full tank of gas when she drives for the full week.

Plan Trips – Planning our trips ensures that we are not driving around and wasting unnecessary gas. If we have to go to the west of the island we plan any other stops, appointments etc on that same day.

Bus It – You may be in a position to catch the bus every once in a while. We have a rule at home, who has the kids, gets the car. If we have work or business to take care of alone and a bus can get us there, we BUS IT!

Consider a change –  Our vehicle expense is currently $200 a week. We are looking to make a switch in the future.

Car Maintenance – Like my mechanic always say, take care of your car and it will take care of you. Keep up with your regular service appointments and don’t forget your tyre pressure checks.

What are some other ways that you save on gas? Let us know.

How we SAVE on GAS
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