Let’s Talk Insurance!⁣

We can’t have a conversation about financial freedom and building wealth without including Insurance. You definitely want to protect your assets from unforeseen events that can cause a huge financial burden for you and the family. We are big on protecting assets: our home, its contents, car, health, and of course life. ⁣

We thought we knew it all and had insurance mastered until we met @tennycia.talks.⁣ Tennycia has an insurance series, and if I am honest, I immediately thought, “we have it all and know it all, but boyyyyy was I in for an awakening! The first session alone had some gems that we never thought about. After her insurance series, we immediately had an impromptu meeting. We discussed what we learned and how to proceed with this new knowledge that got us thinking about our present and future situation. Did we have all the right policies in place? Are we covered based on our new family and financial outlook?⁣

To summarize our key takeaways:⁣

  • Get insurance whilst you are insurable. We have had insurance coverage for the majority of our adulthood and planned to purchase additional coverage whenever we decide to start building our dream home but, what if we waited and then became uninsurable. That would SUCK and drastically impact our future financial plans and overall goals. ⁣
  • Review your policies from time to time. We purchased our original life insurance policies around age 22-23. At that time, we were young, financially fragile, and had 1 child. 10 years later, and it didn’t dawn on us that our lives have changed completely. We now have 4 kiddos, our income and lifestyles have changed, and we needed to review and tweak our policies to match our current situation and future family trajectory. We have since reviewed our policies and made changes to them. ⁣

All in all, we are forever thankful to Tennycia for imparting her knowledge onto us. For me, insurance always felt shady, I ask A LOT of questions but always felt like I just got enough answers to lock in my sale. Tennycia took her time and broke down each insurance category in her sessions. Listen….. this series was ‘Insurance for Dummies’ and we were at the front of the class taking it all in.⁣

If you’re new to insurance and need an agent who knows their stuff and can walk you through the process, check Tennycia – @tennycia.talks out!⁣

Knowledge Empowers You

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