We share these questions on Thursdays because:⁣
1) they are good conversation starters with your partner or yourself.⁣
2) these are genuine questions that we also have to work through ourselves and would like to hear your perspective/feedback.⁣

This ‘Thinking Thursday’ in particular had me stumped for a while. I originally tackled this question as a short answer ….. “financial freedom for us is to ________”, but I quickly realized that my short answer didn’t encompass all aspects of our finances. This realization sent me back to the drawing board and I started to jot down things that I wanted us to accomplish, in order to find the answer that suited our family dynamic, and then….. 💥boom💥, it all made sense.⁣

Financial freedom for us is a road trip with rest stops, rather than a one-off destination💡. Quite similar to Dave Ramsey’s baby steps but tailored to us. I took my time and gave it some thought and came up with our personal steps to freedom. ⁣These steps also end with our ultimate goal which is to build and furnish our dream home with little to no financing 🤞🏾.⁣ This ‘Thinking Thursday’ was a good one and if you haven’t already, I encourage you to take some time to figure out exactly what financial freedom means to you. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.⁣

Our 10 Steps to Financial Freedom

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