The term ‘chasing the bag’ is well known to many of us. Day after day we push to make an extra dollar.

Before starting our DFJ, the focus was on making more money. We started by calling businesses for weekend work and night shift opportunities, gas stations and supermarkets were our target list. There was also this constant push to book one more gig or pick up a few extra hours so we could start doing better but we never felt relief. What was missing? What did we do wrong? The answer is we were using all our time and effort to chase but never actually secured what we caught.

Here is the definition of Secure – To fix or fasten so as not to give away or be lost. Yes, increasing income is important but not before understanding the importance of decreasing expenses and gaining control of spending 💰 i.e. Making sure that you don’t lose (waste) or mismanage ‘the bag’. This is the 🔑 to financial success, otherwise you are participating in a never ending rat race. 

To close off the story, we decided not to pursue the night shift and weekend job ideas and instead made it our mission to manage and improve the income streams we already have. Fast forward to now, even during our moments of poor choices, we are still in a better place and have been able to use our ‘bags’ wisely – to get rid of debt. 

Chase but dont forget to also secure your bag friends! 💰 “whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much” Luke 16:10

Secure the BAG!

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