Investing was on our list as a stretch goal i.e. a goal that was highly unlikely but we’d give it a fair shot. There were other pressing goals that we felt needed to be completed before investing; such as completing our 1Year fully-funded emergency fund. Although our emergency fund was far from completion fate said, “come come young grasshoppers, I will help you” lol⁣

We’re constantly on the lookout for podcasts, workshops, webinars, etc which focus on family, finance, and personal development. @jcibarbados hosted a webinar titled ‘Empowering Young Adults’ that we attended. Dwayne answered the giveaway question and won a $100 ‘gift of shares’🤑. It’s safe to say that starting our investment portfolio in 2020 was meant to be!⁣ We used those shares to open an investment account and have been investing for a few months now.

QOTD: Are you an investor?⁣

Sending our Money to Work

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