Summer is a time to relax and take in the sun. For most of us parents, it is also a rough and expensive time with the need for vacation camp, packed lunches and weekly tours as we don’t have available family members to keep the kids. This year, we might just make it through the entire summer vacation FREE of charge.

The average cost for camp is around $75 or more per week for each child. That’s a total of $150 per week for 10 weeks ($1500) not including the extra charges for camp activities. On another hand, our younger 2 are still in nursery so you can add that to the total summer bill. Imagine paying someone’s mortgage payment in day care fees for our 4 kids. This wasn’t an option for us this year if we are going to make our end of year debt free goal so we came up with a plan.

The original plan was to enroll them into a library camp (it’s free and runs for 4 weeks) and then take a two week family vacation. That would cover at least 6 weeks but what about the rest? Two weeks into library camp and it hit me …. Why don’t we take turns for our vacation time to cover 4 weeks instead? Of course we had to make a few changes in the office but thankfully, it was approved and I was able to take 2 weeks home and then handed over to Dwayne for the other 2 weeks. That is now 8 weeks covered 😁

It was looking like we only had to pay for 1 week of camp fees until a lady from my workplace mentioned that her church has VBS for 1 week and guess which week that is? The last week we didn’t have planned 😁 yessssssssss!!!

Sure, we would’ve preferred a vacation as a family or a kids free vacation but we are on a mission that requires some sacrifice. God spare life next year we will have a grand family vacation abroad.

The vacation SAVINGS breakdown:

2-5Library Camp$600
6-7KJ vacation with all kids$700
8DJ vacation with all kids$350
9DJ vacation with 2 kids home$150
10Bible School$150
Summer vacation without Camp Fees

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