Dwayne & Kelly thank you for taking the initiative to document and share your debt journey. I’ve found it very educational and useful. Since joining your journey I’ve started using the budgeting app suggested in the whatsapp group (Good Budget) and I’m in love. It helps me feel organized and *drum roll* I’ve cleared one of my debts so far in a matter of days. So thank you thank you and thank you.


I’ve cleared 2 bills and one paid down like a 1/3 . I wasn’t as strict as i wanted i could’ve done better but clearing debts  feels awesome! Thank you guys for sharing. On the road to being #debtfree


Thanks guys. Since joining this group, my drive became stronger and more motivated  to not just pay debts but to create the air/space of financial freedom in a particular/quickest time frame possible


$6000 cleared in 2 months. I encourage everyone to trust the process; it truly is an amazing feeling. #DFC #debtfreecaribbean


Loving the journey, Loving the openness…. #debtfree…. really has me thinking and making changes already


Very informative and the interactive exercises really helped with audience engagement

Workshop Participant

I liked the open and honest communication while sharing the good and the bad moments

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The workshop balances reality and allows you to actually find a consistent way to track, spend + eliminate wastage while practicing restraint and control

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It was so good! Thank you for all that you both shared so openly. It will never go unnoticed!

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Definitely looking forward for more of these sessions

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Hello Dwayne and Kelly. Just listened to you on CITA and absolutely loved your contributions, filled with energy and honesty. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and pour into your union. May you impact the world with this freedom message

CITA Radio Listener

I am TRULY PROUD of Dwayne Jones and his wife Kelly Jones, for sharing how to become DEBT FREE. You guys were awesome. Thanks For The Encouragement. Keep Up The Great Work.

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I wanted to say Thank you to you and your family. Each day we continue to learn and most recently, your post on securing the bag in our whatsapp group chat really put EVERYTHING into perspective. It’s all well and good to make more money but if you don’t know how to use it wisely, its pointless and I’ve found myself struggling and debts still lingering although I’ve secured additional income. Continue to be an inspiration.

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This is excellent and you are impacting people without knowing it. A couple days ago a young lady showed me your newspaper article. It inspired her to pay more towards her debts since she was saving money on gas during quarantine. Keep inspiring!